The Fellowship of SAA is made up men and women who meet together, usually in local groups, to share our experience, strength, and hope with each other for the purpose of recovery from obsession with sex and compulsive sexual behavior.

Local meetings provide an environment of acceptance, safety, and encouragement for learning how to apply the Twelve Step Program in our lives. Although each group within SAA is autonomous, meetings typically consist of readings from recovery literature and sharing how the Twelve Steps have led to recovery for us. Meetings also offer opportunities for learning how to reach out and to serve other sex addicts.

The only requirement for membership in SAA is the desire to stop addictive sexual behavior. There are no fees or dues. Local groups are self-supporting from voluntary contributions of their members.

A list of electronic meetings (telephone, chat and VOIP) may be found here on the SAA website.

Sydney Meetings

Up to date as of August 2018

Monday - 8:00pm (NEW TIME) -  Sydney Newcomers (1 hour 15 mins) - Open Meeting

Thursday - 8:00pm - Thursday Recovery (1 hour) - Closed Meeting

Friday - 8:00pm - Tools of Recovery (1 hour) - Closed Meeting

Saturday - MEETING NO LONGER RUNNING (as of February 2018)

Sunday - 8:00pm  - Steps Meeting (1 hour) - Closed Meeting

Closed Meetings are open only to those individuals who have a desire to stop their addictive sexual behaviour. Open Meetings are open to anyone interested in finding out about SAA; those who attend need not have admitted that their sexual behavior is a problem.

**NEW VENUE** (from start of May 2018)
Rainbow Recovery Club
42 MacArthur Street
Ultimo (Sydney) NSW 2007