This website site provides information about the Sydney Intergroup of SAA for sex addicts in all stages of recovery.

If you are new to SAA, we recommend reading What is sex addiction? and Am I a Sex Addict?, then Meetings

Sydney Meetings

Monday - 7:30pm -  Sydney Newcomers (1.5 hours)

Thursday - 8:00pm - Thursday Recovery (1 hour)

Friday - 8:00pm - Tools of Recovery (1 hour)

Saturday - Meeting Closed as of 24/02/2018

Sunday - 8:00pm - Steps Meeting (1 hour)

Rainbow Recovery Club
52A Buckingham Street
Surry Hills
Sydney NSW 2010

Please go to the Meetings page for further details

Contact us

Email - saa_syd@hotmail.com

Phone - (02) 8006 7848

Please note that the above phone number is not linked to a live operator 24/7.

When a live operator is not active there will be a generic voicemail message played. Please leave your contact details on this service & someone will be in touch with you shortly.